Property owners should first read the Program Guidelines and sign. If you are applying for an owner occupied property, then complete the Application form with your own income information. We use the same application for our Lead Safe and Rehab program and there is indeed often overlap between the two projects. If you are deemed eligible for the lead safe housing program then you will also be eligible for the Healthy Homes grant. 

If you also have tenants, then assist the head of household for each rented unit to complete the Tenant Income Verification form. 

Investor owners should complete the Application form with their own income information. If the owner is a business or a corporation, then complete the Application with the company's information and income information. 

All applicants need to sign the Certificate and Authorization form. 

The program manager and loan officer will review the completed applications and determine the eligibility and priority of the project. The applicant will receive a commitment letter or a denial letter. 

The next steps will be as follows:
  • A lead inspection will be conducted and lead hazards identified. 
  • Our construction rehab specialist will conduct a Healthy Homes inspection of the property. 
  • If the property is in Portland, we will also require a code and fire inspection. 
  • A scope of work will be completed based on the inspections. 
  • We will then manage a bidding process to with qualified lead abatement contractors. 
  • The owner will select the winning contractor. 
  • The owner will attend a loan closing and sign contracts with contractor. 
  • We will assist with relocation as residents may not be allowed in the building during abatement work
  • We will inspect the work and ensure the contractor follows Maine and federal laws and standards. 
  • We will carry out a final clearance test for lead dust and final inspections for Healthy Homes work. 
  • We will coordinate the project closing and ensure the property owner receives an Essential Maintenance Plan. 
  • The program will then monitor the conditions of the loan for the required time period.