Cruise Ship Information Related to COVID-19

  • The City is working closely with its partners to monitor the situation and follow and share CDC guidance. Cruise ships scheduled to arrive in Portland at least through May 29 have been cancelled. We will make additional announcements as they become available.
  • The Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) has implemented protocols for cruise ships and continues to update them. Currently, CLIA has recomended that all cruise lines shut down for the next 30 days. Visit CLIA's website for more infomation.
UPDATE - July 23, 2020
  • The CDC No Sail Order has been modified and extended until September 30.
  • The CDC will announce in the Federal Register a Request for Information Related to Cruise Ship Planning and Infrastructure, Resumption of Passenger Operations, and Summary Questions
  • The CDC’s interim guidance includes requirements related to enhanced data collection, among others.

  • As part of the Governor’s Coronavirus Response Team, the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development is working closely with the Maine CDC, which has a full-time staff member working to prepare for the implications of COVID-19 on this year’s cruise ship season in Maine. These state agencies will work with the Coast Guard, the Department of Transportation, and the U.S. CDC to provide guidance if a cruise ship scheduled to land in Maine has a passenger with COVID-19. At the local level, Portland's port rules provide us with the ability to turn away any cruise ship should it be deemed necessary.  
As its name suggests, the Portland area is strongly linked to the sea. The port is the heart, the soul, and to a large extent, the muscle of a dynamic city. From container ships to luxury cruise ships, Portland's harbor can handle the largest seagoing vessels. At the same time, the harbor is dotted with ferries and colorful pleasure boats. Portland is home to a working waterfront, but it also has a playful side.

Throughout its long history, Portland has attracted shippers to its port. Our natural deepwater, ice-free harbor is among the best protected on the East Coast. Commercial fleets as well as passenger boats find a welcome refuge here as they enjoy the rare beauty and great opportunities the Portland area provides.

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