Mackworth Ocean Walton CSO Separation Project

The project is under construction by Gorham Sand and Gravel from Buxton ME. Construction will continue throughout 2021. 

Construction Schedule

Mackworth Schedule 02-24-21


For the week ending February 12, 2021

Gorham Sand & Gravel continues to install 30" RCP reinforced concrete storm drain as well as 12" PVC plastic sewer pipe in Ocean Ave.  They are heading towards Walton Street.  

Also this week, GS&G started to install the new 8" PVC plastic sewer pipe in Sawyer St to replace the existing 8" Vitrified Clay Pipe which is full of roots. 

Totals for the week: 24 feet of storm drain installed and 130 feet of sewer.

Excavation Trench
Drilling Ledge for Blasting
Setting Charges for Blasting Ledge
Placing Gravel in Road Trench
Installing New Storm Drain
Installing new Sewer
Hammering Ledge next to Gas Main
Mackworth 2019-02-26 Public Information Sign

WHAT’S HAPPENING                  

  • New 10” – 48” storm drain and 8” – 12” sewer main will be installed within the following streets
    • Mackworth Street                  
    • Ocean Avenue (Walton Street to Forest Avenuet
    • Walton Street (Ocean Avenue to Canco Road)                                        
    • Mayland Street
    • Irving Street
    • Sawyer Street
    • Forest Avenue at Baxter Woods
    • Hersey Street
    • Clifton Street (Hersey Street to Vannah Street)
    • Vannah Street
  • In total the project will construct 15,000 linear ft of new storm drain and new sewer main
  • New green infrastructure tree filters will be installed on Mackworth St and Walton St.
  • Streets within work area will be reconstructed, new pavement installed
  • New 1,590’ of 12” D.I. pipe, and approximately 3,690’ of 8” D.I. pipe water main on the project streets
  • Update: Curbing on Mackworth has been eliminated due to budget cuts. 
  • Update: Sidewalk on Mackworth has been eliminated due to budget cuts.


  • Noise
  • Large equipment and machines moving through the area creating vibrations
  • Traffic disruptions, backups, moving work-zone, slower traffic
  • Streets will be closed to local traffic only
  • Temporary disruptions to driveways, water, sewer lines (contractor must provide notification)
  • Temporary water lines will be installed running across yards and connecting to houses
  • Dust - contractor required to control dust but it will still get dusty at times
  • Professional interactions with contractor (contact one of the people listed below, if this doesn’t happen)

SEQUENCING OF PROJECT - Updated 10/30/2020

  1. Start of construction late March - early April 2020
  2. Project will start by installing temporary water on streets.
  3. May 2020 to July 2020 - Forest Avenue sewer and storm drain work at Baxter Woods.
  4. June 2020 to August 2020 - Mayland and Irving St sewer, storm and water
  5. August 2020 to December 2020 - Mackworth Street sewer, storm and water main. 
  6. December 2020 to June 2021 - Ocean Ave from Mackworth to Mayland St sewer, storm and water
  7. June 2021 to August 2021 - Ocean Ave from Mackworth to Walton St sewer, storm and water
  8. August 2021 to November 2021 - Walton Street sewer, storm and water.
  9. Base Paving will occur throughout project as work is complete                               
  10. 2022 - Surface Paving of streets


  • Project Engineer, Portland Department of Public Works: Nathaniel Smith at (207) 874-8818,

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