Curtis Road Pump Station Replacement

The Curtis Road Pump Station is being replaced with new components including pumps, motor controls, and electrical service. While called the Curtis Road Pump Station, the pump station is actually located where Clapboard Road and Alice Street meet near Sturdivant Drive. The new pump station components will be housed in an 8' x 12' fiberglass building. A new standalone generator will also be installed as part of the replacement. The replacement pump station will be in the same footprint of the existing pump station. Both your water and sewer service will not be impacted during this project

The pump station is being replaced to ensure continuous sanitary sewer service for sewer users in the area. The replacement is also being completed in order to satisfy part of the City's Administrative Order with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The project is anticipated to begin at the end of March and take approximately 8 to 10 weeks. The City’s consultant, Woodard and Curran, will be managing the contractor, T. Buck, during the duration of the project. The contractor will work within the standard 7 am to 5 pm working hours except for one overnight to complete work that can only be done when sewer flows are lowest.

A neighborhood meeting will be held on March 20th, 2019 at 6 p.m., in the Library at the Lyman Moore School located at 171 Auburn Street.

Please contact Benjamin Pearson, Compliance Section Coordinator of the Water Resources Division of the Department of Public Works, for more information at 207-874-8843 or

Existing Curtis Road Pump Station

Existing Curtis Road Pump Station