Groomed trails

Riverside Golf Course XC Trails (2) - This season we are grooming two trails side by side in hopes for better trail conditions. One trail will be strictly for cross country skiing only, no other activities and no skiing with dogs. The second trail will be for all other activities including skiing with dogs. We have signs posted at the trail entrances and throughout the trails for directional and reminders for which trail to use. Click for Directions to Riverside

*Please Note: Riverside Grille will be closed for the season, this includes the use of bathrooms. Porta Potties are located at the South Course near the club house and at the North Course near the cart barn in the parking lot.

NEW!! Deering Oaks Groomed XC Trail - With the help of volunteers from Portland Nordic, we will be grooming a small XC ski network in Deering Oaks for Winter 2020-2021. In the past, we have been able to groom a small loop here on rare occasions, but with the help of Portland Nordic, we plan to groom on a regular basis, creating quality skiing conditions that folks can walk to from their neighborhood!

*Parking is either along Tennis Court Road, Deering Ave, The Castle Parking Lot or State Street Extension.


xc Ski in Open Spaces (ungroomed)

There are hundreds of acres of open spaces in Portland, with miles of trails that are open for XC skiing throughout the winter. Expect "backcountry" conditions with no grooming, rocks, logs, and unseen obstacles. Folks with metal edge skis should be able to navigate many of the trails. Popular destinations with good trail networks include Evergreen Woods, Presumpscot River Preserve, Baxter Woods, Canco Woods, Fore River Preserve, and Virginia Woods.

Click for Directions to:

- Baxter Woods

- Evergreen Cemetery Woods

- Oatnuts Park

Capisic Pond Park

- Riverton Trolley Park

- Canco Woods Trails

- Western Promenade

- Stroudwater Preserve (not City land)


Stay up to date with our skating, sledding and Cross country skiing conditions map

View real-time condition updates for Portland's 5 skating ponds, 3 sledding hills and groomed cross country trails on our map below, updated daily. Ice skating is always at your own risk. Have fun!