Parking Information

Parking at The William B. Troubh Ice Arena is shared with Hadlock Field (SeaDogs baseball), the Portland Exposition building and Fitzpatrick Stadium. With baseball, football, basketball, the occasional Expo event, and skating, parking can be a challenge.

Parking Tips:

To make your parking experience easier:
  • Arrive early!
  • There are blue cones that designate parking spots for Troubh Ice Arena patrons.
  • Along with the The William B. Troubh Ice Arena website, check for events being held at the other venues
  • If it is a pay parking event, tell the parking attendant you are coming to an ice arena event and, if space is available, you will not be charged.
  • Along with the parking lot adjacent to The William B. Troubh Ice Arena there is a large lot behind the ice arena, adjacent to Fitzpatrick Stadium. To reach this lot drive straight through PIA parking lot and continue around to the back of the building. Or, this lot can be accessed from Deering Avenue. You may also park here during a pay parking event with no charge if you are attending an ice arena event.

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