Co-op Tree Planting Program

The City of Portland’s co-op tree planting program is a partnership in which a resident selects and purchases a tree from a local nursery and City Forestry Staff completes the pick-up and planting process.

  • Co-op trees can be planted in esplanades, tree wells, or lawns that meet the requirements listed below.
  • All approved co-op plantings are completed the same year they are requested
  • Registration forms must be received and trees purchased by June 1st as co-op trees are planted during the month of June only.
  • Limit of 1 tree planted per person/location per year


Step 1: Review Requirements

Review planting site requirements (below) and Recommended Tree List. (Contact Portland Forestry or co-op nursery staff if you need further guidance to select the right tree for the location).

Step 2: Purchase Tree

Visit a participating local nursery and purchase your tree. The nursery will tag the tree and set it aside for planting. Tree must   be purchased by June 1st.

Step 3: Submit Registration Form

Mark your planting site and submit the Co-op Program Registration Form by June 1st.

Step 4: Approval

Forestry Division staff will review your planting site and tree selection. This includes calling Dig Safe to mark underground utilities. You will be contacted if the site does not meet planting requirements.   

Step 5: Planting

City Forestry Staff will pick up co-op trees from nurseries and plant them in the month of June.


  • Esplanade, tree-well, or lawn space must be at least 3.5’ x 4’ and allow for any existing sidewalk to be ADA accessible
  • At least 10’ from intersections, utility poles, hydrants, driveways, and traffic signs or signals
  • At least 4’ from underground utilities (verified by Dig Safe System prior to planting). Note - Private underground utilities, irrigation systems and dog fences are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Setback (lawn) plantings must be visible to the public. Co-op trees will not be planted in side or back yards


  • Tree type must be appropriate for planting site conditions (available space, proximity to utility lines/overhead obstructions, etc.) 
  • Must be selected from our Recommended Tree List
  • 1.5” to 2” trunk diameter (caliper) for shade trees or 4’ to 6’ height for conifers
  • Limit of 1 tree planted per person/location each year


Mainland Portland Residents ONLY:

O’ Donal’s Nursery
6 County Rd
Gorham, ME 04038
Phone: 207-839-4262

Skillins Greenhouses
89 Foreside Rd
Falmouth, ME 04105
Phone: 207-791-3860

Peaks Island Residents ONLY:

Lausier Family Gardens
77 Welch St
Peaks Island, ME 04108
Phone: 207-766-5157


The City of Portland reserves the right to refuse tree planting due to poor site conditions, presence of underground or overhead utilities, or trees that do not meet city standards. Replacement trees may be adjusted away from utilities, old stumps, or roots.