Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of two investigative sections, a street crimes unit, Forensic Services, Property and Evidence and Court Services.

Investigative Sections

The investigative sections are divided by City Area: East and West. Detectives assigned to these units conduct follow-up investigations of reported crimes including interviewing suspects, victims, and witnesses, analyzing information, and preparing cases for court presentation.

Street Crimes Unit

The Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) targets emerging trends such as robberies, residential or motor vehicle burglary sprees, or street level drug trafficking. The unit was designed to be agile and responsive to patterns established through the department’s Compstat system. CRU members also conduct bail checks, investigate crime tips, and work closely with detectives to identify and arrest suspects.

Forensic Services

Four evidence technicians assigned to Forensic Services collect and process evidence in an effort to develop information that leads to the identification and, ultimately, the arrest of a suspect.

Evidence & Court Services

The Property and Evidence Coordinator ensures the proper and safe collection, storage, return or destruction of items coming into the custody of the department while the court officer acts as a conduit between the department and the court ensuring the proper flow of paperwork and officer appearances.
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There are currently thirteen unsolved homicides in Portland. Learn more about these cases as well as five long term missing persons cases

Do you have information about one of these cases or any criminal investigation in Portland, Maine? If so, please call the Detective Bureau at (207) 874-8479 or submit an anonymous tip by texting the keyword PPDME to 847411, add a space,  and type in your tip information.