Portland Health Care for the Homeless Program

Is Closed and will not reopen

Health Records

HCH/City of Portland will retain custody and protect the confidentiality of client health records for a period of ten years.

Requests for records should be faxed to:
Attention: S. Green

Download record request form


The program began as shelter-based pilot program in 1989, offering minimal medical services. The Health Care for the Homeless Program (HCH) grew to become an integrated, interdisciplinary care environment that included a wide range of medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and supportive services specifically modified to meet the needs of adults experiencing homelessness regardless of ability to pay.

Over its more than 20 year history, HCH staff provided patient-centered health services for more than 28,000 people and provided more than 200,000 visits.

Effective January 1, 2014, the federal Health Care for the Homeless grant was awarded to another agency and the City's HCH program's last patient day was November 18, 2014.

If you are homeless and need medical services:
Contact: Portland Community Health Center 63 Preble Street--874-2141