Community Policing Coordinators

Six civilian Community Policing Coordinators are assigned to five peninsula based community policing centers and Portland Housing Authority properties city-wide. The Coordinators act as a centralized resource for community members in need of assistance and work closely with other neighborhood stakeholders to develop suitable programs and strategies to effect positive, long-term changes in their neighborhood.

The duties of the Community Policing Coordinators are as diverse as the neighborhoods they serve. All of the coordinators manage the hotspots and disorderly house programs in their respective neighborhoods. They meet monthly with representatives of other City Departments and focus their collective resources on addresses with an inordinate number of public disorder complaints or a single drug complaint. The Coordinators also participate in the Community Partnership for Protecting Children, a collaborative effort to help at-risk kids in the City's poorest neighborhoods. The Coordinators staff the Community Policing Centers, facilitate problem-solving and crime prevention efforts in their respective neighborhoods and coordinate activities for low-income or at-risk youth.

The Community Policing Coordinators can be reached by phone or email or by visiting the Community Policing Center in your neighborhood. Centers are generally staffed during working hours Monday-Friday, however Coordinators often attend evening meetings and participate in neighborhood activities at night and on weekends.