Why was my recycle cart missed or not collected?

1.  Contamination or unacceptable material may have been in the recycling cart.  If contamination is present, the driver will leave an orange violation tag with a phone number to call if you have questions.   Please consult the recycling do's and don'ts for more information about recyclable materials accepted curbside or download the recyclopedia app.  The Solid Waste office will mail a follow up letter with the recycling do's and don'ts for reference. 

2. Another reason recycling may have been missed is because the recycle cart was set out AFTER the truck already serviced your area.  City of Portland Code of Ordinances requires your trash and recycling be set out no earlier than 3:00pm the day prior to collection, but should be curbside by 6:30am on the day of collection. To maximize our efficiency, unfortunately we can't go back. Please hold your trash until the next collection day.  

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