What Types of Expenditures are Eligible for Reimbursement?

Eligible expenditures are divided into two categories. Primary (food and shelter) and Secondary (other). The complete list of eligible expenditures is listed below and please note - if your organization has previously been reimbursed for specific expenditures by any local, State or Federal entity those expenditures are ineligible for a second reimbursement.  


Provide the total number of migrants served and total number of meals served


  • Basic First Aid/ Over-The-Counter Medication (e.g. Tylenol, Advil, etc.) 

  • Hygiene items (baby wipes, diapers, toiletries, undergarments, etc.) 

  • Clothing 

  • Cots and Beds 

  • Linens (sheets, towels, wash cloths, etc.) 

  • Shelter Utilities (electricity, gas, water) 

  • Maintenance & Housekeeping (repair and cleaning supplies) 

  • Contracted Services (security, laundry, trash pickup) 

  • Local Transportation (to and from shelter) (including contracted and/or vehicle rental, gas, insurance, drivers) 

  • Equipment Purchased/Rented (food prep – stove, microwave, etc.)


  • Long-Distance Transportation (bus tickets, airline tickets, and train tickets for migrants)

  • Health/Medical 

  • Mental Health Services

  • Legal Aid 

  • Furniture and Household Items for Asylum Seeker Housing

  • Translation Services 

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